Grunt Padre

The Grunt Padre by Fr Daniel Mode. The compelling and beautiful story of Father Vincent R. Capodanno, a Roman Catholic Priest who overcame the world to become a Christ in the true meaning of Radiating Christ. First a Maryknoll missionary serving in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Father Capodanno became a Navy Chaplain and served with the 7th and 5th Marines in Vietnam. In the midst of a battle in 1967, Father Capodanno was wounded several times and was killed while trying to save the life of a fellow servicemen. He received the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Read the book review by John Horvat .  The Author Father Daniel Mode grew up in a Navy family. His father, a Navy Captain, brought his family to places as diverse as Korea, Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii. Fr Mode's brother rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Fr. Mode himself is a commissioned Navy chaplain. The author's education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with advanced degrees in theology and church history. While studying history at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary he stumbled upon the research threads that led him to uncovering the remarkable Fr. Capodanno story.

In March, 2005, Father Daniel Mode was notified by his Naval Reserve Center in Washington, D.C that he would be mobilized (called up) for active duty as a U.S. Navy Military Chaplain. Having returned from two years in Aghanistan and witnessing the need for more frontline priests to minister to military personnel, Father Mode petitioned to be released into full time service as an US Navy chaplain. Father Mode continues to introduce a new generation of US military personnel to the heroic life of Fr.  Vincent Robert Capodanno, LT, CHC, USNR.